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Wind/Fangs | Any pronouns

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Fun stuff

Heyo, I'm just a silly internet person doin' whatevs.

If you wanna talk to me don't hesitate to contact me :3. I really like making new friends or just socializing.


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My Recs.


This tumblr account - it has some great art resources

Radiorunner's curriculum - probably the best art curriculum

Whacky stuff

Kaue’s site - it may not have many nor long articles but they're pretty interesting

The wackiest packages on the internet

Really cool looking comic - It's my favorite comic not only for the complex art but also for the well written story, it also contains a good mini-tutorial for drawing

One of my favorite neocities sites.- Created by a person named Nyx of the Night, they have some insightful reviews on modern cartoons whilst providing a nice looking website.


Vimm's lair - where you can find lots of old console games, recently added xbox and xbox 360 games which is pretty cool