Poetry that I haven't posted

Yellow - the color of jealousy (The Other)

In Germany, yellow is related to jealousy and envy, while similarly in France, it signifies jealousy and betrayal. In France during the 10th century, people would mark the houses criminals and traitors live by splashing yellow paint on their doors.

Originally written in April; Edited in September

I'm only an ersatz,

Whilst you're the worthy.

Soft mechanisms roam around you,

As the yellow chains press like a knife,

They blow soft kisses and talk nicely,

For me it's spits and apathy.

Our worlds yet meet,

A wonderous battlefield,

It's been so long since they both clashed,

And oh...

The collision was so brutal!

I'm sorry for this, Leaden Warden,

I'm sorry that it turned like this...

I can only see a single fin.

You shouldn't've turned into such a Beast...

As yellow turns into bleak green.

Something else

The green color is thought to aid people to adjust faster to new environments.

Originally written in August; Edited in September

Drowned with sorrow, on my fingers,

A micro organism skewing,

So fleeting, I could almost feel,

Its lifeforce draining down my palm.

So decimated was this soul,

Yet vibrant, pleading for its life,

A bleak green sparkles down its bulb,

Its biggest pride now gone forever...