September 19th 2022
"New" poetry (some old stuff that I edited). I don't lack the sorrow to write poetry anymore, I just lack that fire baybeh :(. (jk, I just really want to write something else aside from sad edgy poetry)
July 31st 2022
Minor updates on the site (updated some fonts and the CSS). I'm still out of inspiration for what I could write (possibly thinking about writing my experience using linux).
April 18th 2022
New poetry's out, hell yeah :O.
April 9th 2022
Another minor update on the about me page. I always wish to announce that I may be busy as heck this april and may but I'll make sure to drop a poetry that I've been writing for a while (yeah, no article yet :(, I'm out of funk).
March 24th 2022
Minor update on the music. (youtube embeds are pretty slow to load).
March 18th 2022
HELL YEAH NEW ARTICLE WOOO! (except it's another poem but dw I'll be uploading somethin' more interesting in the future)
March 2nd 2022
Added some new fonts.
March 1st 2022
Just added an awards section which can be found in the about me section since I forgot to check my e-mail for 2 weeks.
Feb 27 2022
Added a silly 3D spinning gif of my oc, edited the home page and also I'm still not done with my personal project.
Feb 16 2022
Making the site look even sexier.
Feb 13 2022
Removing the backgrounds that belong to Void Designs, please contact me for further info.
Just added a new article, it's even the first one!
Feb 10 2022
Compressed some images, adding some sites on my recommendation list in the about me section
Feb 8 2022
Changing the resolution of some images so the site could work better.
Feb 7 2022
Fixing some bugs (stuff's just not aligning in the middle goddamit)
Feb 6 2022
Added an updates section :D